(Retinotopy Demo)

This web site shows a demonstration of BOLD fMRI responses in the visual cortex to a retinotopic mapping stimulus. The web site shows off pycortex, a python toolbox for fMRI visualization that I helped write. This demo relies on WebGL, so it can’t be viewed on any iDevices or in some browsers.

This video walks you through the functions of various brain areas by showing brain responses to a variety of visual and tactile stimuli. I submitted this video to the 2014 Vizzies.

(Vizzies 2014 entry)
Echo Planar Image Acquisition

This video shows how echo planar imaging (EPI) scans are acquired in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanners. EPI scans are the most common type of scan used in human brain research.

This illusion shows how the boundaries of an object affect your perception of the 3D shape of the object. Notice how the number of bumps seem to change as the boundaries change, even though the shading is the same throughout! This shows that shading alone isn’t sufficient to tell you what is convex and what is concave – the final 3D percept depends on BOTH the shading and the boundaries of an object.

(Wobbly slide)