Thanks for visiting! I have just started as a professor in the Cognitive and Brain Sciences division of Psychology at UN Reno – lab website coming soon! I did my PhD with Irving Biederman at USC, and my postdoc with Jack Gallant at UC Berkeley. I study vision.

Brain map

Most people think that vision is something that happens in the eyes, but the brain plays a crucial role in vision, too. I study how our brains transform the patterns of light on our retinas into useful information about the world. I am particularly interested in how the brain provides information about the identity, shape, and use of objects, and about the structure of space around us. Different parts of the brain provide different kinds of information. The image above is a flattened map of my brain. Each color shows parts of the brain that are sensitive to particular kinds of information, and the insets show my best guesses at the specific information contained in the tiny (3mm3) bits of the brain that the lines indicate.

There is good evidence that we use the parts of our brain involved in perception to think about objects and to visualize scenes, too – so you could say that I study thoughts on shape. Or the shape of thoughts.

Click the links to the left for more information about my current projects (coming soon!), some demos I’ve made, and code that I’ve written.